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Batthyany utca 22 Batthyany utca 22

Batthyany utca 22

New erected building in the center of Sárvár at the main street with a passage way to the Szechenyi u., right at the main bus station of the city centre. The ground floor at the street side and  the 1st floor is rented to a textile shop. In the 2 levels above (2nd and 3rd floor) are 5 apartments, sized between 29 and 85 m2. 

4 of the 5 apartments are fully furnished and for rent. Apartment 5 is unfurnished and also available for rent. Redarding details fo the apartments, if available for rent, see under "apartments"

Object type: Other
Address: Sárvár, Batthyany utca 22
Year of construction: 2002
Lot size: 544 m2
House size/apartment size: 840 m2

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